About Us

Our Owner

Hello! I’m Linda Sowell, Owner of Mattie’s Girl.

My entire adult life has been a constant struggle of facing fears, keeping my faith, finding my purpose, and securing success. I spent several years failing at finding a healthy balance between work and family. I've lost countless jobs due to lack of childcare, and I've spent too many years of my life working my way to the top just to have it taken away. My prayer was always for God to reveal my purpose and show me a way to help others, be more available to my family, and earn an income while doing so. As always, God provides. Not only did God give me the vision that answered my prayers, he also sent me on a spiritual journey that resulted in me facing my fears, strengthening my faith, and put me well on my way to securing success! The best part is I get to honor one of my greatest loves, my dearly departed Grandma Mattie! I’m truly grateful for life’s lessons and God’s blessings.


Our Company

Mattie's Girl is a small online store with a not so small purpose. The store was created in honor of my beloved Grandmother whom often made me feel as though anything is possible. She was a woman of strength, gifted with the ability to encourage everyone she met. Inspired by her life and legacy, I decided to open this store. My products are designed to promote blessed behavior by spreading a message of faith, self-belief, and success.  It is my goal to provide inspiration for you and those you choose to bless. 

Be a blessing. Choose to Inspire!


Our mission

To encourage faith and self-belief, and to inspire positivity.

Our vision

To provoke positive thought that transforms into positive action.