This process has changed my life!

We are happy to announce that we now have blank lined journals available on Amazon! Journaling is a process that I'm fairly new to, however since I started, I've seen significant changes in my life. It started with the knowledge I gained about the power in the words that we speak. Well, those same words are just as powerful when written and read, especially when done repeatedly. I've watched countless videos and read many books about Manifestation and in their own way, they're all saying the same thing. Your thoughts and your words are Powerful.

The steps I use for my journaling process came from one of my favorite books, It Works! The little red book that makes your dreams come true! This is a short, clear, straight to the point book with very specific steps to accomplishing your dreams.  It's a quick read and an even quicker listen if you prefer audio books over paperback. If you follow the rules, you get results. It's just that simple. You CAN NOT mess this up. The first thing you must do is write down on paper in order, the things and conditions you want. Then, follow these steps:

  1. 1. Read the list 3x's each day.
  2. 2. Think about what you want as often as possible.
  3. Do Not talk to anyone about your plan.

There is more detailed information that comes along with this snippet that I've shared; however, I may not be the right person to transmit this powerful information to you. If you're interested in listening to an audio copy of this book, I will leave a link to it below. As I stated before, this is just one of many books that helped me understand the power of my words, but this was the one book that gave me what I was looking for in simplest form. 

I'm a believer, so it was easy for me to accept this information and start the journaling process with great expectancy. If you're a skeptic, but you’re looking for a change for better in your life, I recommend you try this process and approach it (journaling) with an open mind. Approach it as if the Doctor has just given you a terrible diagnosis and the only way to begin your healing process is to start writing down what you think your healing should look and feel like, and how it will change your life and your loved one’s lives. 

Another journaling process I use is simply writing down my plans, goals, and to do’s that are specific to my success. Some people even use their journals as a diary or a way of keeping track of things they’ve experienced and how these experiences made them feel. One way of getting really clear about what you are thinking is to write it down! I’ve done some of my best decision making in my journal. Journals are quite multi-purposeful and have been a great help to me and everyone I’ve introduce to this process.

I truly enjoy helping others. I wanted to create a space for everyone to be able to use the power of their words in their very own uniquely designed journal that speaks to who they are and the goals they’ve set for themselves. You’ll find that just like my products on, each book is designed to inspire blessed behavior by spreading a message of faith, self-belief, and success. It is my belief that we are all here to serve others and live our very best lives, the lives God intended us to live. If you feel that you are not doing that, then you should start doing something about it. Use your God given power. Use your words. Create the life you were born to live. Speak it. Write it. See it. Believe it. Receive it. Enjoy.

“Thoughts become things. If you can see it in your mind, you will hold it in your hand”

Bob Proctor

It Works!

Here is the link to Mattie's Girl Journals:

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