Trust the Process

Everything we experience is developing us into the person we’re supposed to be. We’re human, so it’s ok to feel mad, sad, or disappointed in our failures or if we haven’t quite achieved the level of success or happiness we’ve visioned for ourselves. However, it is imperative to the achievement of our goals that we are able to let go of those negative feelings as soon as possible, probably sooner than that. There is power in knowing that the things we go through, good or bad, are not a coincidence. It all happens for a reason. The sooner we figure out what the purpose of the experience is, the sooner we are able to get back on course towards our goals.

Think of your vision as the destination and the process is the road you must travel. On the road, you may encounter some traffic. You’re more than likely going to hit a few bumps in the road. At times, there’s even a detour. These are frustrating events that take place along the way. Yes, this will upset you, but how many times have you just stopped in the middle of the road and decided you were just going to stay there forever? I’m going to guess that this has probably never happened.

So, stay the course. Don't allow your setbacks to block you from anything you aspire to be or do or have. Invoke your patience. Engage your chill. Then, focus on what you’ve learned or gained and not what you’ve lost. Redirect your emotions to a positive state and then move forward. Two things that will help you accomplish this... hold the vision, trust the process.     

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