The Power of your mind

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In the words of creator, Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Our minds are powerful. Every successful person's accomplishments started with a thought. 
“I believe I can...” 
“I know this is mine...”
“Everything works out for me”
Likewise, every unsuccessful person's failures started with a thought.
“This is impossible”
“I will never have...”
“Nothing good ever happens to me...”
According to your FAITH so be it unto you (Matthew 9:29) 
Mind power is real and we’re all using it daily unconsciously, some consciously. You can find several bible verses that speak directly to this and 5x’s as many real-life testimonies. Think of a celebrity or a successful person that you admire. Do some research, talk to these people, read their bio’s! They’re all saying the same thing one way or another. Oprah has spoken specifically to the power of her thoughts and so has Jim Carey. Listen to Drake’s Gods plan! He gave testimony in a verse on this song. Try and see for yourself. Set an intention you deem obtainable. DO NOT set an intention that’s attached to a need. For me, I set an intention to see the word YO every day for one week. It was nothing I needed and nothing I thought to be possible or impossible. I simply decided that I would like to see the word YO every day for one week. And BOOM! Yo was appearing in the coolest ways like it was intentionally trying to find me. One day I was scrolling down my Instagram feed and someone had posted a picture of the rapper, Yo Yo! I laughed soooo loud. When I saw her, I felt like I had won something. After that, I practiced more and more and I haven’t stopped. So, choose your thoughts wisely. Keep your beliefs positive and start living purposely. 

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