Speak Positive and Defeat Your Fears

For the longest time, I found it difficult to believe I could make my dreams come true. This was mostly due to my fears and the self-doubt I endured for many years. I can remember visualizing my dreams and how they could better my situation. Then, I’d tear it all down within that same vision, with thoughts of failure, not having enough, and not being enough. I convinced myself that my dreams were way bigger than me and I was not the right person to bring those visions to life. This feeling of insecurity, positioned me to always be the one taking orders, doing what everyone else thought I should do. Everyone I knew had a career or longevity on the job, so I would share my vision with them in hopes to find some motivation or support instead, I found disapproving looks and suggestions on what I would probably succeed at or make more money doing, which often pointed me somewhere beneath their pay grade.

My life was so sad. Whenever the sadness got the best of me, I’d talk to my grandma Mattie. She was quite the motivator. My grandma always knew what to say and how to say it in a way that only YOU could understand. I’d go on and on about everything that was going wrong in my life and she would always say “so what’s going right?” There was never much to say when she asked me that, but the little bit I did have to speak on made me smile long enough to forget my woes. One day I decided to visit her, but this time I wasn’t going to take her any sad news. I was going to tell her my dreams and share my vision. Sharing with her always gave me hope. She would give her opinion, but in the end, she always told me to do what makes me happy. Before I’d leave her, she often made a point to say “everything happens for a reason”. This is something I always heard, but there was something about the way she said it. It was kind of like don’t worry, things are working out. That was the vibe I’d get when she said it, but when you live a fearful life like I always have, you tend to devalue the most valuable things. The words she spoke held so much value. Sadly, I didn’t know how much until she was gone.

One day, as I lay awake in bed, not quite ready to get my day started, I began to talk to God. God, I have so many dreams and aspirations and I don’t know why. Why would you put so much on my heart when I have so little and can only do so little? For a while, I just laid there in silence, listening for… I don’t even know what I was listening for. I talked to God often, but I never really expected answers. I started thinking about my grandma and how much I missed her. At first, the thought of her made me smile, then I began to feel sad. I didn’t want to be sad, so I sat up and prepared to get out of bed, but then I heard or felt or thought “so what's going right”? I don’t know if I heard it in my head or felt it in my heart, but it happened, and it was intense. It was my answer.

Two things happened after that. One, I realized that God has been answering me all my life. There have been many times that I have had a conversation with God and received an automatic answer that I wrote off as just a thought. On this day and everyday hereafter, my awareness will be optimized at the highest level humanly and spiritually possible. The second thing I realized was why my dreams and aspirations were MY dreams and aspirations. I, like everyone in this world, have a gift. A God-given gift to be shared with the world in a way that only I can. Knowing that God has been with me my entire life brought a great deal of power into my existence. But, I know me. I know that my fears have always overpowered my goals and my desires and if I didn’t do anything about it, they would continue to control my existence.

So, I decided to come up with a list of 10 reasons to make my dreams come true. I chose ten because my fears were plenty, so I had to have plenty of reasons. I added a positive for every negative that my fears instilled in me. Every reason spoke against a fearful idea I had that kept me from fulfilling my dreams. Now, I’m determined to use words that empower my dreams and not devour my dreams. Here are my reasons in no particular order.


  1. You’ve done nothing to deserve the things you desire.

Everyone deserves to have everything they can dream of, even you.

  1. You don’t have what it takes to make this happen. You couldn’t be the right person to bring this vision to life.

This is YOUR dream, so YOU are the only one that can bring it to life. God blessed YOU with this vision for a reason.

  1. You wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Just start. You will soon have the joy of doing what you love.

  1. You have no purpose.

You’re passionate about this dream because it IS your purpose.

  1. They said you can’t.

When someone tells you “you can’t” they are really thinking “I can’t”. Believe in yourself. Prove them wrong.

  1. What about your family, what if you let them down.

You will always have the support of your family. Know that they believe in you and are counting on you.

  1. Can you really do this? It looks impossible.

Nothing is impossible if you believe. Your efforts are proof of your capabilities. Every accomplishment will show you just how powerful you really are.

  1. What if you fail?

What if you succeed? Your success can motivate others that are afraid to follow their dreams. Think about others.

  1. All your years are gone. You don’t have the time.

Your dream doesn't have an expiration date. It is important to you and your family and is very much worth your time. MAKE THE TIME.

  1. You have no major accomplishments. No one will care about anything you have to offer.

Stop being so hard on yourself. What’s minor to you may be major to someone else. You wouldn’t be here if you haven’t accomplished anything.


Fears are things we’ve conditioned ourselves to believe. Try this for yourself.  Create a positive response to every negative fearful thought that is holding your dreams hostage. Your dreams are worth the effort. Tell yourself a brand-new story. Write it down and read it every day until you believe it to life.


I hope this helps someone.








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