Faith, Prayer, and Purpose

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The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Human beings are the most resilient creation in existence, and every one of us has a purpose. Purpose is easy to identify when referring to a “thing”. Brooms sweep, pens write erasers erase, cups contain. When it comes to us, how do we know what our purpose is? In my experience, I learned that this important discovery starts with a series of questions. Questions such as, what is the one thing I love to do that takes little or no effort for me to do it? What is that thing I’m so good at that I could go as far as to call it my specialty? Can I use this thing I’m good at to serve others? After you’ve asked yourself the right questions, you just need to PAY ATTENTION! Pay attention to your thoughts. Pay attention to your feelings. Pay attention to your desires. The answers to all those questions will come from within. Listen with the intent to receive the answer, because you will. Your answers will lead you to your purpose.

Your purpose is calling

Your purpose calls out to you daily. This calling is an internal call and at times, may use external forces to get your attention. It starts out with whispers. Then, it develops into feelings. Finally, it turns into this ball of desire, wrapped in the necessity that won’t be ignored.  However, for your purpose to emerge, you must be ready to accept it. What does that mean? Being ready? It means you must be open. Open to doing things that scare you. Open to serving others. You must be willing to go where your calling is directing you. There can be no worry. There can be no doubt. There can be no fear. There can only be faith. You must be equipped with the ultimate trust, which is trust in what you can’t see. Having faith can seem difficult at times, but what we don’t realize is, we do it every single day without even thinking. For instance, when you inhale you expect your lungs to fill with air, right?  You can’t see the air, but you’re certain that it’s there doing what you expect it to do. Faith should generate the same expectation. Allow your faith to take you on a journey from the unseen to the seen.

Denial delays

Denying yourself of what God has for you will only hinder your growth. I want to share an example of what I mean exactly. About 6 years ago, I was at home with my daughter who was three years old at the time. I had recently lost ANOTHER job due to childcare issues (this has happened to me countless times by the way). To be honest, I hated that job. There was such dissonance between what I wanted to do and what I feel I had to do. I went in every day knowing that I wasn’t supposed to be there. The night I departed from my job I prayed for God to give me guidance. Clear and concise communication on how to escape this cycle. I told God nothing would please me more than to work from home and be more available to my family. My immediate feeling after I prayed (which I accepted as the answer to my prayers) was “Be your own boss”.  

The next morning I was in my room on the phone with my husband and my daughter was in the living room watching TV. I told him about my prayers and how I immediately received my answer. A few moment later, my conversation had changed from what I could do to what wasn’t possible. I had convinced myself that starting a business wasn’t possible as our financial situation was not stable. My conversation went from possibility to pointless in less than 60 seconds. What happened next was unbelievable! My daughter marched into my room on a mission. Speaking to me like she was my mother, “YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HOME WITH YOUR KIDS OKAY, DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW”! It was so bizarre. She was so animated; speaking with her hands, giving me the “duh” face and her tone sounded as if she was irritated with me. I remember thinking “Wow if that wasn’t clear and concise I don’t know what is”. Unfortunately, my fears were greater than my faith. I denied, therefore I was delayed.

So, I found another job that didn’t make me happy, that I had to struggle to keep, and it really didn’t fit in my kid’s schedule. At that point, all I cared about was bringing in an income. Over the next 6 years, I could hear my purpose calling out to me. The whispers got louder and the feelings grew stronger. While I acknowledged them, I still did nothing with them. Doing nothing kept me in that cycle I prayed for God to remove me from. The contrast that was going on in my head was just too much. It got my full attention. I realized that I had been experiencing a 6-year delay. My desire to be free of this constant contrast lead me to a journey of self-discovery. This journey provoked me to ask myself the questions I mentioned earlier. The answers I received during a meditation inspired me to follow the calling that I’d been avoiding for many years. Suddenly, things began to happen. Good things. The external forces REALLY got my attention this time. The difference between then and now is, now I’m READY. Our financial situation has improved. Things were still a little tight due to the loss of yet ANOTHER job. However, my faith is stronger than ever. I’m certain that everything is working out for our good.


Answer the Call

If you’re feeling a nudge in a certain direction, go that way! Do not delay your journey to your purpose. Once I got determined to dump my delay, the life I was supposed to be living caught up with me, fast. My spirit is very giving. Helping others is important to me and always puts me in my feel-good space. My purpose was calling me to do what feels good to me. It also sparked some very familiar fears. But this time, I prayed, I received immediate communication, and I acted by faith. Faith gave me the courage to answer. Your faith will do the same for you. Don’t spend so much time in your head. Pay attention to your feelings. Your feelings will guide you to what’s right and reveal what’s not right for you. Ask God for guidance and have Faith in the answers that come from within. When you’re doing what makes you happy and serving others in the process, you are living purposefully. You are serving God.

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