Did you know?

Did you know that everything we do is moving us forward? It’s true! Every good experience and every bad experience, they’re all moving us in the same direction. The difference is, one experience propels us forward and the other experience motions us. Joy, excitement, fun, success, happiness, and things of that nature are all powerful positively charged vibrations that fuel the engine that drives us toward more experiences like them. Anger, sadness, loss, failure, any experience we deem bad or unwanted are negatively charged vibrations that introduce a caution to our process. And what does caution tell us? Warning. Take care to avoid mistakes. Slow down. Calm down. These negative experiences teach us what we don’t want or like. When we encounter something we don’t want or like, we need to change it or do it differently, but that doesn’t always mean STOP. Proceed with caution. Proceed with this new knowledge. Go a little slower, but proceed. Be a little smarter, but proceed. Either way, you’re still moving forward. Whether you progress slowly or quickly, progress is progress.


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