Beautiful Girl

I keep feeling like I need to rename this shirt. My grandma was very photogenic. There are hundreds of pictures I could have chosen to lead the Mattie’s Girl brand, but this one is my favorite for many different reasons. To name a few,


1. The endless possibilities of what could have been on her mind during this shoot. Every time I stop and take a moment to admire this picture, I come up with a different theory on what she could have been thinking in that moment. Knowing her it was more than likely a family focused thought.


2. I can see so many of us in this one picture; her siblings, her children, her grandchildren, even some of her nieces and great nieces. Can you see me?


3. This picture, to me, looks like whatever was coming next for her was about to be Epic. She looks innocent and fierce / scared and determined/ graceful but dangerous/ unsure but ready all at once. And look, she made it look so good, so beautiful. 


I just don’t think the name of the shirt (Know Her Love Her) does this photo any justice. It doesn’t say enough. 


What do you guys think?

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